Chairman’s Message

Since 2003, Pavotek was founded, we have been developing R&D with strong discipline and performance by adapting us for technology rapid change. As a successful player in this industry, which we are considered critical for our country and region, we are very proud to grow in align with the sector and to be a pioneer for certain issues. Although we did not have sufficient financial capital for such an initiative in the early 2000s, we initiated our adventures by relying on our knowledge, minds and people hence intellectual capital had been a base for our belief.

We had been succeeded in overcoming the high barriers of the defense industry at the end of many colloborations with patience and care. Then we were one of the the supplier of leading companies such as ASELSAN and TAI at which ranked good in the world list with their critical products and qualified solutions.

 However, there were very exceptional supporters behind our success apart from us; ASELSAN and TAI that realized our competence, are trusted in our success, created
opportunities by requesting projects delivery, and keep their support.

 As a result, we are grateful to them by committing a sense of loyalty. We established own PCB assembly line and mounting facilities as well as carrying out R&D studies and maintaining production life cycle based on Communication, Power Electronics, Avionics, Biomedical Systems, Energy Systems and Internet of Things. With these developments, our annual compound sales increased by 59.7%, and our net profit increased by 30.3% between 2013 and 2020. In addition, the number of Pavotek family members has been approached to above 400 with increasing experience on special subjects.

Based on the geostrategic improvements, it is shown that we are going to increase our investment in order for a strategy to develop and maintain technology.

Furthermore, we have been known as the solution partner or strategic designer for the harsh jobs. As well as, we have been accepted and honored with transparency, ethical approach, and honest trade. Based on the geostrategic improvements, it is shown that we are going to increase our investment in order for a strategy to develop and maintain technology. In any way, we never forget that we are in the harsh race at a global scale! Because the speed and the scope change are higher than ever. Science and technology are constantly being innovated to improve our lives.

To strengthen and develop our electronic design and embedded software capabilities used in industrial, avionics, defense and commercial areas; we make our vision stronge by focusing on Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robots, Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain, Augmented Reality trends which define the future. Now, as a requirement of this vision, we continue to invest in these areas for our current and future solutions.

According to one definition, there are three types of companies in the world: First, those who accomplish the events; second, those watch the events; the third one is those who are shocked by what is happening.’’ We always believe that we will be one of the company which accomplish the events.

In this way, we are strongly commited to the idea of developing national technologies with domestic engineering expertness. Together with our colleagues who are highly competent in the field of designing technologies, we are going to design and produce high technologies for Turkey’s strategic hinterlands.

Chairman of the Board