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The terms network management and network traceability are increasingly important in the scope of the institutions’ needs for security, performance management, monitoring and commissioning of complex network structures. Network Packet Broker (NPB) is an active device for these solutions that transmits raw data packets from network interfaces to a specific network service, tracking devices, performance management and security applications.

A number of tools that can operate in real time are needed to keep internet networks safe and to facilitate monitoring high-speed data streaming. By using Packet Broker, network speed problems will be resolved, network violations will be detected faster, the load on the security tools will be reduced and the life of the monitoring tools will be extended.

Packet broker is designed to work in cooperation with devices operating under heavy load such as monitoring devices, security devices. It will be able to filter the desired type of traffic by dividing the internet traffic into physical ports according to the rules.

With FPGA based design, high speed device design with the capacity to realize traffic analysis are provided.

Technical Specifications
Functional Features
  • Traffic Multiplexing
  • Mirrored Traffic Transmission to a Selected Port
  • Split Traffic into Physical Ports
  • Package Analysis at Layer 1-4 Level
  • Tunnel Analysis
  • Smart Clipping (Transmit a Certain Part of Package)
  • Load Balancing
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Filtering according to Rules
  • SSL Decryption / Encryption
  • 48 x 1Gbps Ethernet Interface
  • 4 x 10Gbps Ethernet Interface
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Configuration Interface
  • 4 x Health Status LED
  • 2 x (Redundant) Power Input
  • 1 x Power LED

It is the leader among the few Turkish companies that have network devices produced by integrating Pavotek's hardware units and Pavelsis software functions.