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ESL System is that product information on the electronic label is updated with data to be sent from the center. When any changes are made by the user from the center, it instantly reaches all the labels. The label of the relevant product is updated with new information without the need for any intervention. Thus, waste of time in the use of paper shelf labels is prevented and paper waste is prevented and nature is contributed and human errors will be prevented. 

Customers can interact with ESL button feature available in 3 different versions (1.9 ”, 2.7”, 4.2 ”). For example, questionnaire evaluation of the product can be done by pressing the button on the labels attached to the products. With many scenarios such as this, bilateral communication can be achieved between the terminal and collector. E-ink technology is used in the labels in the ESL system. Due to E-ink technology, battery lasts longer than other display technologies. Energy is saved by consuming less power with Bluetooth technology.

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