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The system enables to follow all the movements of the visitors coming to the companies through the webbased IoT Platform developed by us in real time. In the system, prohibited and permitted zones can be promoted from IoT Web Based Platform. In this way, the visitors are tracked both in the zones where the visitor cards are authorized and in the banned zone crossings. In prohibited zones, the red led lights on the visitor card. At the same time, warning message appears on the screen, in which there is a violation of space. Restricted zone warning is given to the relevant security personnel through the IoT platform of the infringer’s visitor information.

Visitor Card Station Specifications
  • Writing the screen with ethernet communication in visitor entries.
  • Choice of 2 different charging stations with 10 or 30.
  • Charging all cards simultaneously.
Visitor Card Specifications
  • Communication in 2.4 GHz ISM band with Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.
  • Additional feature: RFID label.
  • Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery and charging circuit.
  • 1 x LED.
  • 2.7 inch E-ink screen.
  • Ergonomic plastic subunit.
  • Audible alarm feature.
  • Customizable Button.

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