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X RAY tech; We produce the panel type “Walk Through Metal Detector”, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects (firearms, all kinds of cutters, disintegrator, etc.) on people. It is not compatible with electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMI-EMC), WTMD, NJI Standards, CE certified, IP certified with safety and durability requirements, and will not harm people carrying personal medical electronic devices (hearing aids, pacemakers, etc.) and disrupt the functions of these devices. It does not affect. Two or more detectors operate without impairing each other’s operating functions. At the same time, the device does not harm electronic (USB disk, RFID Cards, CD / DVD etc.) and magnetic media (magnetic cassettes and floppy disks, etc.).

There will be at least 5 international security standards in the memory of the device and devices can be set directly to these standards when requested. The Metal Detector will take all necessary precautions to prevent it from being affected by excessive amount of metals and interference signals. It works unobtrusively in the base station, radar, radio, escalator, revolving door, elevator entrances and in closed narrow reinforced concrete building corridors (such as prison entrances). The light alarm signal will be received only from the area where the metal object passes, so that the device is a multidetection (multizone) device. The number of regions will be 20 + 20 + 20 = 60.

It is designed to be used in domestic and international visitor entrance gates of airports, prisons and security units in places where high security is critical. Excellent discrimination with low unwanted false alarm rate, normal amount of key, coin, belt, etc. Eliminates the need to empty pockets. By dividing individuals and objects into 18, 33 or 60 pieces, we can detect any unwanted weapon or smuggling material of these cells independently. While doing this, the sensitivity of X-Ray device is done without the need for removing harmless objects such as belts, keys, watches, coins, etc. and preventing them from being produced incorrectly.

The detector can measure the number of people entering and leaving with its smart meter features.

We have many products that we have developed especially in the fields of electric motor drives, power adapters, and power distribution and battery management systems.