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Within the scope of domestic and national servo motor and driver development, we are working on designing, implementing, operating with servo motors and performing performance measurements, providing load, speed, position, angle targets for seven different power levels , operating with modular Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM).

In this context, we can perform single-phase inputs and active PFC servo on the ground floor between 3-phase 4500 W-9000 W. 

Our capabilities in Servo systems working with external PFC are as follows:

  • Speed, position and angle control applications with NXP ARM M4 MKV46F128VLL16 168 MHz, 128K Flash, 24K RAM microcontroller and PMSM vector control.
  • Infineon TLE5012B Giant Magneto Resistive (GMR) incremental 4096 step encoder, absolute position information with index and reset
  • Incremental 2048 step optical encoder, initial positioning with alignment
  • Offset measurement and set-up and adding to the work, post-production calibration mode

We have many products that we have developed especially in the fields of electric motor drives, power adapters, and power distribution and battery management systems.