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Automatic Meter
Reader System

The Automatic Meter Reading Modem (OSOSAMR), a main function of AMR devices is to eliminate the need for an official to circulate subscribers to read the meter, instead, to allow the meters to be read remotely. For this, GPRS modem installed in the devices is used. 

Automatic meter reader modem (AMR) developed as a solution to monitoring the needs of power distribution companies and end-users. AMR has low power consumption and supports a wide variety of communication protocols.

  • AMR is durable in harsh field conditions with wide supply voltage range and high resistance against sudden spikes and voltage fluctuations.
  • AMR provides ease of installation with power on, signal level and info LEDs.
  • AMR can connect up to 32 electricity meters with RS-485 serial communication channel.
  • AMR has also RS-232 port, two isolated input, two isolated output, two 250V AC - 2A non-latching double pole double throw relay.

Hardware Features

Design Architecture
  • CPU : ARM Cortex – M3 32-bit
  • RAM : 32 Kbyte
  • ROM : 256 Kbyte
  • Flash : 16Mbit
  • Input : 55 – 420V AC (500V AC – 200ms)
  • Power Consumption : 2 Watt’a kadar
  • GSM : GPRS, EDGE*, 3G*
  • Network protocol : TCP/IP
  • Antenna : SMA female output
  • Power : Up to 1W for GSM900
    Up to 2W for GSM1800
Environmental Conditions
  • Operation temperature : -40°C , +75°C
  • Storage temperature : -50°C , +85°C
  • Humidity : %95
  • Environmental protection : IP54
  • RS-485 : Up to 250Kbps
  • RS-232 : Up to 250Kbps
  • GPRS : Up to 85.6Kbps Downlink
    Up to 42.8Kbps Uplink
  • LED : Power on led
    3 stages Signal level LED
    3 stages Info LED
  • EDGE * : Up to 236.8Kbps Downlink
    Up to 118Kbps Uplink
  • Ethernet * : 10/100Mbps

* Optional

Physical Features

  • Dimension : 126.3x102.3x51.2mm
  • Weight : 245g
  • Color : Cream colored
  • Mounting : Mountable to panel rail and screwable
  • Mechanical protection : All connections, SIM and antenna under sealed cover

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