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Electricity distribution is done in two stages. Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEİAŞ) provides electricity to regions through high voltage lines across the country. Electricity distribution companies make the regional distribution of this current, which is reduced to medium voltage in substations. At this stage, the current from the medium voltage lines is switched and transferred to the medium current output lines. The current to be transferred to end users such as home and office is converted into low voltage in a transformer station. Medium voltage level electricity is provided to Organized Industrial Zones and some factories.

The protection relays developed by PAVOTEK are devices for use in power plants distributing over medium voltage lines. Power lines carrying power to these power plants are called medium voltage supply cables (feeders). Feeder lines are connected to systems called cells. Inside the cell  is the breaker, which is an electro-mechanical switch, and a relay that controls this breaker.

The products developed by PAVOTEK are these relays. This relay provides or blocks the transmission of current coming from the feeder by controlling the breaker when necessary. For this, the protection relay monitors the current coming from the feeder it is responsible for and disables the cell in abnormal situations such as high current or high voltage. However, the protection relays are aimed at ensuring the coordinated management of the cells existing in the network, rather than the management of individual cells.

Relays provide this coordination by communicating with the central SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system and each other. When an abnormal situation is detected, it is aimed to identify the source of the problem automatically and put the necessary measures into action in order to prevent damage and prevent power failure if possible. Relays communicate with each other according to the central SCADA system and protocols defined in IEC 61850 standard. MMS protocol is about the central system of the relay and GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Events) protocol is about the communication of the relays with each other.

About the project

PAVOTEK develops products for the aforementioned area of use within the framework of its cooperation with its strategic partners. Products are also referred to as IEC 61850 High Current-Voltage Protection Relay and 400 Series Protection Relays. The project started in 2013 with the support of TUBITAK TEYDEB. Electronic cards and software included in the products are designed and manufactured by PAVOTEK, while mechanical design and final assembly are carried out by our strategic partners.

The product family developed under the project includes more than one product;

  • VPM (Voltage Protection Relay)
  • CPM (Current Protection Relay)
  • DPM (Directional - Current and Voltage Protection Relay)
  • MPM (Motor Protection Relay)
It switches to advanced automation with Smart Grid Solutions and becomes real-time, manageable with instant communication and control technologies.