Purchasing Policy

The Purchasing Department is at a strategic point in PAVOTEK’s profitability, growth, and, accordingly, on the way to realizing its vision. Our purchasing team is in contact with all units within the business. Our purchasing department, consisting of experts and experienced people, supplies all kinds of materials, services, and investment goods requests needed for use in the production facilities and R&D of our company operating in the military and industrial electronics market from both domestic and foreign sources. Our PAVOTEK purchasing policy is to supply materials, products, and services at the most affordable prices from our suppliers, with the highest business ethics and environmental standards, with the principles of fair competition, integrity, and transparency.

Our suppliers play an undeniable role in the performance of PAVOTEK. Our goal is to add our suppliers to our process at the design stage, benefit from their knowledge, to produce quality, cost-effective and innovative products, and to benefit from the results they will bring together. Our expectations from our suppliers are that they comply with our Business Ethics and Environmental Policies, which are indispensable elements of our purchasing policy.